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Training Sessions


All individual and group sessions are reserved on a first come first served basis - please contact James at to reserve a time and to request a weekly availability email.

Individual Training Sessions | Cost $30
This 1-hour session has a maximum of two participants, and provides the opportunity to focus on individual athletes to work on specific strengths and weaknesses of their particular game. The sessions are tailored specifically to those athletes and allows for work on the technical, tactical, athletic, and mental aspects of the game. This training environment has shown tremendous levels of success in terms of helping athletes reach that next level, and when attended regularly has the potential to completely transform a soccer player.

Small Group Training Sessions | Cost $10 per Individual
Kept to a maximum of 8 athletes, these 1-hour sessions still allow for high levels of personal attention and repetition. Where group sessions can often provide an extra benefit is that the additional numbers allow for wider-ranging drills that can incorporate both functional and tactical training. These group sessions are run at an extremely high level, and athletes benefit from training with equally driven, ambitious, and focused individuals.

Goalkeeper Training Sessions | Cost $30
Goalkeeping is a highly specialized position and requires consistent training that is focused on the physical and mental demands of the game. Players will work on agility, handling of the ball, diving, crosses and distribution. These sessions will help young goalkeepers gain the confidence and ability to greatly influence the game when they rejoin their respective teams.